The amazing Sankt Petersburg

 Today is Sankt Petersburg`s day, in 1703 the russian emperor Peter the Great founded this amazing city. So it was clear for me that I have to translate the articles about my visit in this amazing place. Hope you will enjoy.

 I was there for only four days, not enough, clearly and I really really hope to go back there. My dream is to visit this city at winter to. I know where this obsession of mine started. I was a child watking my favorite cartoon, Anastasia. So i followed my dream and went there.

 I have never seen something as beautiful as Sankt Petersburg, the hole city is a art work. I adore the italian renaissance and the Medici history ( ) but this place is a dream. The czar Peter the Great build this city for himself and that thing you can feel even today. The czar hated Moscow, because of the bad memories of hate and danger from his childhood, so he desired to be far away from that place.

 He desired a new, modern and amazing city, full of art and grandor. And he succeeded, more than that Sankt Petersburg is the same now. Full of young people, theatres, cafees, nices shops and restaurants, art and green space.

 It was the capital of the Russian Empire between 1712 and 1917. It has 1500 km and a population of 4.5 million people. It is huge. The forth`s biggest town in Europe, surrounded by beautiful waters, like the amazing river Neva and of course the Baltic Sea.

 People say that the dream of the czar was not fulfilled during his lifetime, because the constructions of the city were not over and nighter found the complete tranquility that he was looking for. They actually say that at the czar`s death in the middle of his town, wolves were running free. But i think that he followed his dream even beyond death.

 The amazing town was attacked in word war II and the discussion was umberble. The pictures from that time made me extremely sad and mad at the same time. We are losing so many beautiful thing in fights like that.

 But Sankt Petersburg was reconstructed and it is a beauty, a modern, green beauty. Of course that at every corner there are museum and palaces, and amazing architecture and so mach to see, that you will need a lifetime. I will just try to talk about a very few things and of course try not to bore you with tones of informations.

 So, the Summer Palace, a place loved by queen Ecaterina the first, czar`s Peter wife. 25 km distance from the town, a green place, surrounded by a small and lovely town were the famous Puschin lived. A Rococo palace, the summer residence of the czars.

 The Winter Palace, now the Ermitaj Museum, that hosts one of the largest art collections in the world. A Rococo building made by multiple architects, the most important of them being Rastrelli. It was the czar`s official residence till the revolution in 1917.

 The queen Ecaterina the Great loved art so she collected precios peces that are now at the Ermitaj, over 4000 pieces. It was the first free art gallery in Russia, people were amazed by the fact that they could just visit such a beauty and so was I.

 You actually need days to visit so many artworks from all around the world. I enjoyed the collections with russian art, because it is so real. I sometimes thought that the characters will be alive.

 Yes, they are museums, art galleries and architectural jewelry and a of course a lot of churches, cathedrals and monasteries but all of them are exceptionally made. People told me that the russian churches are like the romanian churches so i was a little bit disappointed because i don’t like them too much. I mean for the architecture and the way they look. But i was surprised, because we’re nothing like the romanian churches.

 The top where was the palace of Peter the Great, Peterhof. 64 fountains, amazing baroque architecture, not so big, only 30 rooms but a lot of gardens and space to walk. The big fountain in front of it represents Samson fighting with the lion, in the memory of Russia fighting with Sweden.

 What else? Ah, even amazing cemeteries i have visited. Statues everywhere, enormous hotels and fancy magazine, very clean and youthful, the home of Alexander Nevsky, Peter`s the Great big hero from Novgorod, of Ceaikovski, Dostoievski and a many others.

 So yes, if you want to see a city and be amazed, go the the jewelry city that is Sankt Petersburg. Happy Birthday goucios place, hope to see you again!

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