Russia, my amazing dream

DSC00865 150x150 - Russia, my amazing dream
DSC00865 150x150 - Russia, my amazing dream

 One of my foreign friends told me that he enjoyed the pictures in my travel articles very much but he will be very very happy to understand what i am saying in there. Well, i thought that maybe I will try to translate some of them myself. I am not such a specialist in the language, so please forgive my mistakes and try not do be disappointed, I will try my very best.

 So I will begin with this article i wrote when I was in Russia and I was so happy and amazed. Well I adore traveling but going to Russia was my dream. I have always loved the slavic culture and I have imagined how this country will be. Well in 2018 my dream came true. I usually write the articles when I come back home but I was so amazed that I’ve started writing there. It was like this:

DSC00903 150x150 - Russia, my amazing dream

 I am still in Russia, dreaming of my life and luck, so at night in the hotel room i started writing a few words, aldo I promised myself that I will start the work only when i get home, so that I could be concentrated and wrested but i feel impatient so here i have some words. My trip is over, tomorrow i will be in a plain back to Romania. I miss home but i have seen some amazing things here, so amazing that i will never forget this trip and it changed a lot of my opinions.

DSC01049 150x150 - Russia, my amazing dream

 I was and will be accused of being subjeting, because i have always loved the slavic culture but for those who do not believe me, i invite you to visit. You will be mesmerised. Everything is big and beautiful. Everything is like a precious jewelry, the building, the streets, the art and the culture. I loved the food and i am very picky, because i am a vegetarian and because i like just a few things to eat. But i did not have any problem. I am not a car lover but i saw a few very beautiful cars and amazing roads. I loved the green arias a lot, parks all over the place. For seven days i enjoyed myself so so much.

DSC01165 150x150 - Russia, my amazing dream

 I liked the their principal that it doesn’t matter who built them, it matters that now it belongs to us, the russian people, that is what they said. Well, Romania has an extremely big construction, The People’s House. It was completely built with materials from Romania, inside to. But now we so glad that is degrading because it was built by the communist. But following this logic every time a new political regime will come to power, everything will be destroyed. So no more history there, right? Why not keep what is beautiful?

IMG 20180523 191922 1 150x150 - Russia, my amazing dream

 Well, about the russian people. They are full of joy, united, very well dressed, elengat, have nice cars and of course nice roads. I liked the fact that they don’t have stupid cars, as i like to call them, cars made for sport but entirely useless for normal life but they prefer usebel and nice cars.

 I loved the bridges and the waters and of course, the most i loved that it was clean, everyware. Such big places, a lot of water, a lot of green place and everything is clean. I so people cleaning and little cars washing the streast, the smoking places, because it it forbidden to smoke in public places.

 I sow people coming out of clubs at 7 in the morning and the where happy. They are telling us that they are not allowed to do stuff like that. But the thing is that i saw the police for the drivers but no armed police. I was in Florence and guess what? I thought that it was war. So many very armed police men. I also sow in Italy a protest of the communist party. So, ya.

 It is an empire in it`s true mining. I desired to see tons of museums and art and building, so i did. I was thrilled. I asked some russian if they were happy and they said yes. I was happy for them. Of course that are good thing and bad things but that is everywhere, right? But ya, i love when people are happy.

 Sankt Petersburg is a true jewelry. People are yang and we were ok talking in english. It was wonderful. Moscova is a capital, i didn’t have that much luck with the english language but it was fine. We found people who helped us.

 I saw everywhere pictures with the beautiful building and palaces destroyed after the world war II. I was glad to see them back, beautiful and back. It showed me that if you want you can reconstruct, you can change things. Gave me hope.

 I saw near Sankt Petersburg a new universitary town. So oau, a hole town, not a campus. That should be nice for a student. Amazing. I saw old architecture, the socialist hints and of course modern architectures. I saw workers with white gloves taking the garbage sacs from the street.

 Russia is getting ready for the World Football Championship, so everything is about that now. I can’t wait to see it. The stadium build for that purpose are amazing.

 Well i will write some more articles about my amazing trip in Russia, about museums and nice places. Hope you will enjoy.

Well friends, that is the first article i have written about Russia, from Russia. If you will enjoy than I will translate some more, and those from my other trips.

See ya!

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