Florence, the Medici`s City

 Today we will talk about the trip in a beautiful renascence city and that is Florence. It is an amazing place, full of history and art. Most important for me, it is full of Medici history. I have always loved that family, the most amazing upcoming from simple people to backers to protractors and rulers of Florence. The personalities that lived there, the magic that you can find there, it is something that i can hardly describe.

 It is a very quiet place, the capital of the region Toscana, the most beautiful place in Italy. The history of the city goes back to the Roman Empire so every step you take is on history. It was one of the most important medieval cities in the 13-14 centuries, the star of the Renaissance, full of innovations and beauty.

 It was all thanks to the Medici family, the bankers who adored new and art. This family helped the english kings during the 100 years war and then started to by the pope’s personal bankers.

 The very nice sistem known as “the fiends of the friends” was thought bt Cosimo the Old. This system was especially made for emigrants who need money and can replay with work, or products. At first the Medici was not supposed to be involved in politics but that changed in time.

 Lorenzo de Medici, know as El Magnifico was the one who started the art time in Florence. So we talk about some awesome people as Michelangelo, da Vinci, Botticelli and a lot more. The Medici were not without enemies, the most famous of them being the Pazzi family. Lorenzo’s brother was assassinated by them and the family passed through a bad time. But Lorenzo`s extraordinary politic brain solved everything and the Medici were back in business.

 The next very famous Medici in Florence ware the cousins Guliano and Giovani, who at first were banished from their town in the period of the Republic. But they came back very strong, being the first Medici popes.

 After the two famous and lucios Medici popes, the grand dukes of Toscani, Cosimo the first and his son, Ferdinand fought the Inquisition to help the dearly and famous Galileo Galilei. His life was saved but he was always in a great danger. The Medici dynasty died in the 18 century. But what they left behind will never never die.

 So the history of Florence has love, war, peace, innovation, art, science, beauty and absolutely everything you want. Let’s talk a little bit about what i have visited there.

 I will start with Santa Maria del Fiore    , the Florence dome, a spectacular and amazing construction that took my breath away. The construction was finished thanks to the innovation of the famous architect Filippo Brunelleschi.    

 The Arno River and the Ponte Vecchio emphasize the amazing link between love and hate, the fact that the both coexist in the Universe. You can find there a lot of nice little magazines with jewelries and souvenirs.

 The San Lorenzo church is the Medici family church, the place of their burial. The inside monuments are amazing, especially those made by Michelangelo.

 The Uffizi Gallery is one of the most big and important Art Galleries in the world. I am sorry that the time was pressuring me, because such a wonderful place needs some days, or even weeks to be seen as they have to.

 Palazzo Della Signoria is the city hall, a place full of history. Dante Alighieri was sent in exile, the Pazzi family were hang by the windows as retribution for the murder of a Medici and in front of the building was made the famous David, as a symbol of the Republic.

 The church of the Croce is the beryl place for very famous people. You can fill their amazin power. I am talking about Galilei, Michelangelo, Dante, Napoleon sister and mom. It is a beautiful place.

 The Science Museum, Galileo Galilei is full of innovations, scientific discoveries, astrologies, cartography, anatomy, optics and so on.

 The Medici Palace is an architectural wonder. From there you can see the hole city, the gardens are amazing and i loved it because it is full with god statues. I would have loved to lived there but that being just a dream i appreciate the fact that i had the possibility of visiting such an awesome place.

 The food was great, the walks were amazing, you can feel the history while you are breathing. I loved it and i would like to go back there any time.

 Well next week I am leaving to Milano, so I will have for you a new article and pictures.


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